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Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has been consulting Fortune Level corporations and major companies for more than 30 years.

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has been consulting Fortune Level corporations and major companies for more than 30 years to help them improve their Communication, Training and Research programs, all designed to develop this expanding employee dialogue. We have experience in consulting with Boards of Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents of Strategic Marketing, Vice Presidents of Communication, Vice Presidents of Sales, and Vice Presidents of Human Resources, as well as Directors of Marketing, Directors of Communication, Directors of Human Resources, as well Vice Presidents and Directors of Market Research, to help corporations improve both external markets and internal employee cultures.

Getting everyone on the “right page” or even the “same page” can often be challenging and frustrating. Let Ethridge & Associates come in and evaluate your situation to put into place programming that connects your personnel to the “environment of everything,” helping you to integrate one direction using the best perceptions of everyone in your company to generate one powerful message. If your company has the need to develop or refine your communications, training and/or research programs, you can count on Ethridge & Associates to bring not only the weight of our extensive experience but a fresh perspective on issues that are evolving in our companies today. As the arc of technology and embedded systems complicate the human experience and adversely impact your company’s internal and external cultures, Ethridge prides itself in being well informed, trained and certified to blend a vast array of issues into one cohesive and productive environment.

Today, as the “For Profit” company looks for ways to use the power of their size and resources to maintain and grow their market share, they have to find ways of getting their programs pointed in the right direction with everyone contributing to the health and welfare of the company. While your time and resources are better invested on doing what you do best, Ethridge & Associates is the answer for creating the “company page” in communications, training and research. Our unique approach and multiple platforms of certification allow us to work effectively with any department from the factory floor to the boardroom, helping you to remain competitive and positive – internally and externally.

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