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Focused on delivering the best solutions
See what people say about working with us.We help our clients realize their most important goals. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, Ethridge & Associates is uniquely equipped to make a significant and lasting impact on clients’ lives.We know our clients’ needs are always changing, so continually seek new and improved ways to serve them.

 “Steve is a consummate professional with an unwavering commitment to detail and accuracy. One of the best researchers and strategic communications consultants in the business.”  

“From my thirty-five years of marketing jobs ranging from Procter and Gamble to Nabisco, and as a senior consultant to international, parent company beverage firms, I’ve been responsible for at least $5-million of marketing research. Ethridge is tops. When I brought Steven into a key project in Mississippi, he worked sensitively with me and the client at every stage. He consistently demonstrated skills and talents one typically sees only in the largest corporations. His big mind, technical skills as an up-to-date analytic researcher and his refined ability to turn numbers into persuasive strategic ideas is unmatched, certainly, in this part of the country. Steven is an exceptional researcher. He’s also a man of high work ethic and lofty personal values towards his family, his community, and clearly also towards his clients.” 

 “Your experience ranges from the highly strategic to the tactical, from the most complex positioning studies to routine advertising communication effectiveness testing, and virtually everything else in between. I know of no other research consulting firm with the breadth of experience of Ethridge & Associates . . . Your organization is truly leading edge . . . Your experience . . . in a variety of other industries translates into a seasoned ability to apply marketing information to the development of effective marketing strategies and tactics.” 

 “Of all the researchers I’ve worked with, inside and outside the academic world, Steve Ethridge is the best research methodologist I know. He not only knows how to conduct the research, but he also has the experience to know how to apply it effectively.” 

 “You’ll be happy to know that our repositioning campaign for the Gatlinburg Department of Tourism, based on the research project you implemented for us, is producing exceptional results. With basically the same expenditure in media dollars for the spring/summer campaign this year as [last], inquiries for May were up 56%, inquiries for June were up 42% and inquiries for July were up 70%. . . . I look forward to working with you on future projects.” 

“It’s refreshing to see somebody who comes in and outlines a structure to solve a marketing problem the way Steve Ethridge does.” 

“I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Steve Ethridge. I have worked with him for over 11 years, and he stands out among researchers. He has developed and suggested key messaging and visual symbols that have enabled our clients markedly improve their revenue. I enthusiastically recommend him for any research work.

“Steve conducted a series of national focus groups designed to give my client, the advertising agency representing the National Guard recruiting efforts, a better insight into their target audience. Steve organized the groups, wrote the questions based on our needs, recruited participants, picked the most representative sites, personally moderated each session and wrote an extensive analysis of the group findings. This analysis had a profound influence on National Guard direct marketing materials aimed at recruiting young adults across the country. Excellent work across the board.”

“Steve Ethridge has been working with us going back to about 1980 and is the most experienced consultant in the country in working with Right Brain Findings to leverage the results in the design and development of quantitative work and strategic recommendations that follow.”

“Actionable research can be a very powerful tool for creative marketers willing to use it. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. His expertise gives us, the agency, greater ability to strategically develop creative concepts that will resonate with the target audience and drive results for our client. Steve has been a valuable partner to Walker + Associates for many years…and will continue to be.”

 “Steve is simply the best pollster in the Mid-South. He is reliable and accurate.” 

“Steven has done political work for us for years and we wouldn’t ever consider using anyone else. He has always done work of the highest quality and has been easy to work with.”

“I have worked with Steve on corporate and political accounts. His business research always provides actionable insights that lead to increased market share. His political survey work is always spot on, even for low profile races such as school board.”

“Steve is an outstanding pollster and advisor. We’ve worked together on several political campaigns and Steve’s polling ability has been among the most reliable — in an art/science that can be tricky, with constantly changing dynamics surrounding everything. I’ve known Steve for over a decade and believe he is a capable, ethical person.”