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Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Ethridge & Associates offers coaching for more fulfilling professional and personal lives.
Available to individuals and small groups, including corporate groups.
Individual Coaching Services
Build the life you want with hypnotherapy coaching

We work one-on-one with our clients to help them shape the future they want through realistic goal setting and building motivation for change.

  • Goal Setting
    Goal Setting

    Setting achievable goals is a teachable skill and essential for building momentum in your personal life and career.

  • Stress Relief
    Stress Relief

    Stress is inevitable, but how you deal with it can transform your work and personal life. Learn self-hypnosis for stress relief.

  • Endure

    Leave smoking and addictive habits behind and embrace your future with our one-on-one coaching services.

  • Bride’s hand on groom shoulder

    Goal setting in your relationships is essential for finding long-term fulfillment and building open and honest communication with others.

  • But a beautiful one, un unexpected one.

Drinking a coffee in a Starbucks in Amsterdam, playing with my camera, focusing and unfocusing people walking on front of me.

And then, her.
    ADD and ADHD

    Get greater insight into how your brain approaches your workday, communication, relationships, and more.

  • Tears for the loss of a beloved family member.

    Change the way you experience negative personalities and feedback through self-hypnosis and coaching.