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Training is a communication discipline. That’s why, as a successful strategic communication firm, we are uniquely qualified to deliver effective training to your organization.

We offer three broad categories of communication training. These are listed and defined briefly below, followed by a more detailed listing of training services in each category.

  • External Marketing Communication Training — For advertising and public relations efforts, we provide seminars and workshop in principles of persuasive communication, requirements of effective communication, how to apply advanced communication research to creative development, as well as customer service, public speaking and media skills.
  • Internal Organizational Communication Training — For internal organizational communication efforts, we provide seminars and workshops in communication skills and conflict management/resolution.  We lead your organization through change and development of high-performance strategy teams.
  • Individual Communication Training — For individual executives, managers or political candidates, we offer individualized seminars and workshops to help them develop stronger skills in speech writing, public speaking, on-camera skills, and how to effectively deal with the media.

Our training services are all designed as training seminars or consulting workshops, which can be purchased separately or combined. Each seminar and workshop contains general information that applies to all organizations (e.g., principles of persuasion) and then is customized to your particular industry, situation and need (e.g., church fundraising consulting, tourism marketing, etc.).

  • External Marketing Communication Training
  • Internal Employee Communication Training
  • Individual Communication Training & Workshops

External Marketing Communication Training

Seminar Modules

  • New Social Network Marketing Skills — This training session will show you how to harness the power of social networking and “viral marketing” to strengthen your customer relationships and achieve your marketing, communication or fundraising goals.
  • How to Set Up a Customer or Donor Relationship Marketing Database — This training session will show you everything you need to know to set up a “smart database” that will help you lower marketing/fundraising costs and dramatically increase your Marketing/Communication Return on Investment.
  • Principles of Persuasion — This is a training session in timeless theories and scientifically proven principles of persuasive communication with implications for you particular industry and need.
  • How to Raise More Money for Your Non-Profit — Research and experience have consistently shown that the most effective fundraising campaigns all have the same elements. This training seminar will teach you the Rules of Successful Fundraising Campaigns that every fundraising campaign must include and how to apply them to significantly increase both the number of donors and the amount of dollars raised for your non-profit organization.
  • How to Develop and Run a Winning Political Campaign — Designed for aspiring political candidates or activists who are involved in candidate or referendum campaigns, this module will help you pave a solid road toward building and managing a winning campaign.
  • Applying Communication Research to Develop Effective Campaigns — This module will train your team in the various types of research you can use to develop winning campaigns, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to use each type to develop your winning campaign.
  • How to Turn Donors or Members Into Activists — This training seminar will show you how to reduce staff cost and increase your mission’s outreach by turning donors or members into activists that are committed to your cause.
  • Nailing the Board or Finance Committee — Designed originally for non-profit organizations, this seminar teaches you how to recruit and develop a highly-committed Board of Directors or Finance Committee and how to motivate them to be continually involved in actively helping your organization to raise major donations, whether your non-profit organization is a social cause, a political campaign or a ministry.


Workshop Modules

  • Strategic Communication Audit — This is a comprehensive assessment of all of your communication resources, messages and media. It begins with questions for your management to answer, followed by an analysis of answers to those questions, and then an in-person workshop with your team to identify your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, aspirations, results, and the actions that are necessary to maximize your communication effectiveness.
  • Strategic Communication Development and Planning — This workshop leads key members of your organization through various team exercises to generate a consensus about the best communication strategies, tactics, creative concepts and media to employ to develop and execute the most effective communication possible.
  • Fundraising Creative Development — Designed as an add-on module to our Principles of Persuasion and How to Raise More Money for Your Non-Profit modules (see above), this workshop will help you develop creative executions based on our strategic communication research.


Internal Employee Communication Training

There are many training companies out there. However, practically none of the others have the advanced research skills that we do. What makes us unique is that we use sophisticated research about your organization and your situation to determine where knowledge gaps exist. Then we formulate a custom-fit training program to fill those gaps to maximize your organization’s performance.

Many organizations and individuals pay too little attention to training. The results of this apathy lead to poor profitability for organizations and dissatisfaction for individuals. The negative results of inadequate training include:

  • High employee turnover, resulting in increased cost of recruiting, selection, hiring and developing employees.
  • Disgruntled employees, conflict and low morale in the workplace, resulting in costly unproductive “down time,” waste and inefficiency.
  • Poor customer service reputations, resulting in lost customers in the short-term that are expensive to replace, and erosion of customer loyalty and brand equity in the long-run.
  • Increased risk for law suits due to employee’s lack of understanding of diversity issues.
  • Lost market share and opportunity cost due to lack of a skilled sales force and/or lack of skilled customer service representatives.

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. provides communication training to deal with these and many other issues.

Seminars / Workshop Modules

Each of the following has both training and workshop components. They can be delivered at any level of the organization, from corporate executive, to management, supervisory, line or staff employees.

  • Becoming Customer Focused — How to develop and maintain a culture of high quality customer service to build long-term customer loyalty and profitability
  • Communicating with Skill — How to develop and maintain essential skills in communicating verbally and in writing to help your organization become more efficient and effective through better communication
  • The Art of Mentoring — Understanding the importance, processes and plans that are necessary to identify mentors and protégés within the organization to mentor younger or less experienced employees to take on greater responsibilities as a foundation for success now and for succession planning in the future
  • Coaching Your Organizational Team — How to build your employees into a coherent team and to coach your team to high performance
  • Resolving Conflicts — How to best avoid, manage, mediate and resolve conflicts so that your organization’s precious resources can be spent less on conflicts and more on achieving your mission
  • Leading People Through Change — How best to harmoniously plan for change, prepare your people for change, and promote change within your organization, to minimize the negative impacts of change and maximize the positive results of change
  • Speaking in Public — How to analyze yourself, your audience and your topic and then confidently prepare and deliver public speeches that will inform, inspire, entertain, persuade, and motivate your audience.
  • Debate Preparation — Helping you prepare to “take heat” as you go “under fire” with questions from the media and/or from your opponent; preparing you with winning answers and an appealing style.
  • The Art of Negotiation — How to communicate with skill to achieve “win-win” negotiated outcomes
  • Diversity Training — To help employees appreciate the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in your organization and customers, as well as how to work together to turn diversity into strength for your organization


Individual Communication Training and Workshops

  • Developing Your Message — Training and workshop exercises to help you develop, create, arrange and deliver your message, whether for a campaign or an individual speech
  • On Camera Skills Coaching — Training to help you make your best impression on camera
  • How to Deal Effectively with the Media — Training to help you effectively make your points and field questions from the media
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