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Market Research

To establish your brand position you need to assess vital information about each individual market sector you connect with or interact with. Learning to see well beyond what you have to offer and what your competition offers into what experience target market is looking for, while “validating” your relationship to each market sector – has to do with learning the language of the market. Finding the unspoken yet embraced benefits of your competition and offering a better solution that is more intimately connected to your buyer needs is the science of brand positioning.

Speaking to the “end game thinking” in terms that amplify your connection to their needs in a way that makes your experience more intimate than your competition is just one process of research that speaks to how you will approach your audience and what you will present. Knowing your competition and what it is about their approach that entices the market is one step in how Ethridge will incorporate into your current offer additional or more defined practical solutions to make you more attractive as the clear choice.

This is not about being all things to all people. This is about designing a response based on knowing what it is the market is looking for and making certain you are providing that language as a practical and easy to understand contribution from your perspective

We translate that information into wisdom

It’s only words if it has no practical application, right? Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. provides better research for more effective communication. Most “research firms” just provide pounds of data. Our unique approach generates simple, yet powerful, prescriptive recommendations about how to maximize the effectiveness of your communication strategies.

We know how to design strategic research. But more than that – unlike most research firms – we know how to apply it effectively.

Most “research” firms just provide data. Others massage the data into information. We go beyond data and information to apply our knowledge (norms) from experience in thousands of studies. Then, most importantly, we translate that information into wisdom — that is, skill — applied to maximize success for your organization and for you as an individual.

Our Research Services

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. provides a variety of marketing, public opinion, communication, and employee research services. We provide both proprietary research services (proven, systematic approaches that are customized to your specific need) and completely customized research designs. Below, we have listed our research services in each of these broad categories.

Proprietary Research Services Using Proven, Systematic Approaches Customized to Your Need
Custom Designed Research Services
Data Collection Methodologies
Data Analysis

Moderate Demand Research Services

Our proven proprietary services that are in moderate demand by clients are listed below.

Low Demand Research Services

Other services for which we have proven, proprietary, systematic approaches that are in less market demand are listed below.

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