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Reduce Turnover


We help companies reduce employee turnover essentially in two ways. First, using proven interviewing questions, we help companies select and fill the right people for the right job so that the employee is productive, satisfied, and has a high probability of staying in the job. Second, we provide various communication training seminars and workshops on supervisory skills and conflict resolution to help organizations manage employees in a way to keep employees satisfied, productive, and committed to the organization.

National statistics tell us that it costs 10 times as much to train a new employee as it does to retain an existing one. In today’s business economy good people are in high demand, by not providing for their continued loyalty you put at risk more than just money. You jeopardize continuity, stability, revenue and the most valuable commodity of all…time. covers motivational programs, revenue sharing and even open “door” sessions where employees can discuss the things that are bothering them in an atmosphere that is welcoming and non-threatening. In many cases simply understanding an employee’s perspective and helping them understand yours can diffuse a potentially dangerous situation. What happens when that isn’t the case? Further today with the proliferation of Social Media you are at risk at being attacked or compromised by disgruntled ex-employees and even confused current staff. Having a strategy that addresses all these different issues is just a matter of good common sense.

Once a key person leaves, you reduce effectiveness for sure but just as importantly you may be inadvertently sending a signal that your company may not be the best opportunity in the industry. Other members of your team may begin to look at different opportunities. While all this is going on, key team members will take on additional work to replace the person who has fled the scene. Some may even be asked to train someone new and for a while immediate management may become consumed with the issue of replacing this energy and talent leaving the rest of the team to sort through the difficult questions about this one incident on their own. in all three programs looks at how to maintain loyalty within reason and just as importantly how to respond to break in continuity when a key player leaves. It’s all about having a system in place long before this happens to anticipate such anomalies and prepare your remaining members on how to react in a positive and productive manner. Once a system is launched and remaining employees are rewarded (money, recognition etc.), you have a rare opportunity to pull the balance of the team together to work for the good of the company. The person fleeing is often seen as the one creating the burden as opposed to management who has a responsibility to operate profitably even if that means losing a key player every once in a while. Want more information on your unique situation? 

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