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Win Elections

Dr. Steven C. Ethridge & Associates began doing strategic political polling and communication consulting in 1983 for federal, state and local campaigns, and has made this a key area of focus for our business since founding the firm ten years later in 1993. We have successfully served political candidates at all levels, federal, state and local, as well as clients for local referendums to help them win elections. We have also successfully served elected officials in governments at the federal, state and local levels to help them successfully govern on public policy issues.

With over 3 decades of strategic polling and campaign consulting experience, we are well known as one of the most accurate, objective, ethical and effective public opinion pollsters and strategists in the business (see our Testimonials). Ethridge & Associates has unparalleled credibility in local and regional media, having served as pollster for the Mid-South Region’s largest newspaper, The Commercial Appeal and TV News Channel 3 in Memphis intermittently over nearly two decades We provide telephone surveys using both live and automated (IVR) interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and audience response analysis.

Unique Polling Qualifications

    • Ethridge has polled for dozens of political campaigns and at all levels, including candidates for U.S. President, Senate and Congress, and local level candidates for Mayor, City Council, County Commission and Sheriff.
    • Ethridge has national media credibility, having been quoted and published in numerous national media including the New York TimesUSA TodayThe Polling Report, the D.C. Spectator, the Bill Hobbs Report and many others (see our Press page by clicking here).
    • Ethridge is recognized as one of the most accurate political pollsters in America (see news testimonials).
    • Ethridge is recognized as the first pollster in America to foresee that former liberal Democratic Senator and Budget Finance Committee Chairman Jim Sasser could be defeated. He foresaw this possibility in early 1993, nearly two years before any other pollster did and two years before Sasser was ultimately defeated by Bill Frist (click here for article).


  • Many of Ethridge’s political campaign clients have been outspent by their opponents 2 or 3 to 1 and still won because of Ethridge’s expertise in developing and managing winning campaign messages.
  • Representative Republican clients include U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick in NC’s 9th Congressional District; former U.S. Congressman Ed Bryant in Tennessee’s 7th District; former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist; and U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander in his last bid for President.
  • Ethridge has subcontractor relationships with dozens of highly-experienced, quality telephone interviewing agencies in the U.S. allowing us to activate hundreds of telephone interviewers.
  • We have an in-house, advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) polling system for automated polls. Unlike other automated polling systems, ours is one of the few that has all of the same capabilities of live interviewing Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems, including question rotation, list rotation, voice capture and quota management.


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