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Name/Logo/New Packaging Testing

Description of Name / Logo / Signage / New Packaging Testing

For any type of organization, brand, product or service that needs a new name, or to change a name, we provide a range of services to help them pick the best name possible. These types of situations include the creation of a new corporation, school, church, or other nonprofit, a merger of companies, a new product or service, tourism destination, government, building, “center,” Internet domain, website, broadcast program, neighborhood, city park, or publication title — the possibilities are endless.

Unique Features of Our Name / Logo / Signage / Packaging Testing

Over our 30 years of experience helping clients with Name / Logo / New Packaging Testing, we have developed a unique approach to this type of work. While some firms can help you develop a list of creative names, and other firms can help you test a list of alternative names that you provide, we do both. We have developed a unique set of steps to lead clients to choose the best name possible, as follows.

Key Benefit Deliverables from Our Name / Logo / Signage / Packaging Testing

  • Step 1:  3 Steps to Selection Criteria Development: The 3 principle questions
  • Step 2: Creative Development — We use proprietary creative methods to help clients :
    • Creative brain storming exercises
    • Automated linguistic computer word-mixer algorithms
    • Prepare contests with employees and/or the public (which helps to build awareness, excitement, and psychological ownership of the new name).
    • Work with the client  to narrow the list to ones that would be acceptable to management for testing.
  • Step 3: Concept Testing Research — Third, we custom-design a scientific, quantitative marketing study based on two sets of criteria:
    • Your Particular Selection Criteria — ratings of each name/logo/package on a list of image and brand positioning attributes (i.e., the criteria that were developed in Step
    • General, Standard Selection Criteria — that we have found to be important through years of name testing research, to include . . .
      • Meanings — What meanings do people associate with the name/logo/package?
      • Clarity — What, if anything, is confusing or hard to understand about the name/logo/package?
      • Pronunciation — How easy is the name to pronounce?
      • Easy of Remembering — How easy do they think the name/logo/package is to remember?
      • Descriptions — How do they describe the name/logo/package, in their own words?
      • Likes — What do they like most about the name/logo/package?
      • Dislikes — What do they like least about the name/logo/package?
      • Appropriateness — How appropriate do they think the name/logo/package is for the product?
      • Uniqueness in a Positive Way — How different and better do they think the name/logo/package is, compared to competing names in the same product category?
      • Appeal — How appealing is the name/logo/package to them, personally?

Types of Clients That Use Our Name / Logo / Signage / Packaging Testing

We have conducted dozens of Name / Logo / New Packaging Testing projects for a wide variety of clients, including banks, trust companies, hospitals and medical centers, hotels, magazine publications, food products, consumer packaged goods, community centers, non-profits and a variety of others.

A Brief Case Study of Our Name / Logo / Signage / Packaging Testing

A Savings Bank that had the name of its community in its name wanted to expand with a new branch into a rivalry neighboring community. Management was concerned that having the name of their own community in their old name would hinder the success of the new branch because of rivalries between the two communities. Focus groups revealed that their assumption about this was correct. Having validated that assumption, we led the client through the process of selecting a new name that allowed the new branch to be successful in the new community.

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