Mystery Shopping Studies/Telephone Mystery Caller Studies

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Mystery Shopping Studies/Telephone Mystery Caller Studies

As marketing and communication consultants and researchers, we are experienced at helping clients in a variety of industries improve their sales effectiveness, service quality and profitability through our Mystery Shopping and Mystery Caller studies. These types of studies can often lead to us providing customer service training through our Becoming Customer Focused seminar and/or Call Center Training with our Call Center Protocol Development or Call Center Routing strategic communication services. Our Mystery Shopping and Mystery Caller Studies are described below. (Strategic Communication)

We do mystery shopping in-person, over the telephone or by shopping websites. Regardless of which of these methodologies we use, these types of studies typically include the following deliverables.

  • Consulting with the client to determine the expectations
  • Developing a profile of the client’s customer type to emulate
  • Developing a custom-designed rating form (questionnaire)
  • Data processing of the results and preparing a report with recommendations for how to improve sales effectiveness and/or customer service

A more detailed description of each of the three types of mystery shopping that we do is provided below.

  • In-Person Mystery Shopping Studies — We have experienced mystery shoppers that will visit your retail operation to shop and then we will provide to you a report of how effectively your employee(s) handled the sales or service situation. We have conducted these types of studies all types of retail operations, including financial institutions, jewelry stores, department stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.
  • Telephone Mystery Caller Studies — We also have experience doing mystery shopping by telephone. There are two main differences between these studies and In-Person Mystery Shopping Studies. The first, obviously, is that the contact is done by phone rather than in-person. The second, less obviously, is that this can be done for non-retail types of businesses. Any business that sells or services their customer over the telephone can benefit from these types of studies. These are commonly done for companies with some type of call center, such as a hotel, automobile rental, airline or tourism reservation center, a financial institution, or technical support centers. Some of the sales and service quality attributes will be different also (e.g., time on hold vs. time waiting in line).
  • Internet / Mystery Shopping Studies — Finally, we have experience doing mystery shopping of websites, including evaluating the “online chat” section of the website. These studies focus on how personable, knowledgeable and helpful the “online chat representative” is; how navigable (easy to use) the website is; and what content, if any, may be missing. The mystery shopper completes an on-line web rating form in one computer window while shopping the website in another window, so the data collection happens while the shopper is on your website. Of course, some of the attributes will be different. These types of studies can be done for any type of organization that has a website.

We have helped clients significantly improve their sales effectiveness and customer service quality through our Mystery Shopping services.

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