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Life Quest

Life Quest

Life Quest provides participants with an opportunity to complete a comprehensive life inventory and then envision the future, develop a personal mission and an in-depth plan for the next stage of his/her life.

Life Quest helps you wake up to the possibilities of your life and to live your life with purpose and passion. Retreat participants complete a comprehensive life inventory envision the future and develop a personal mission and in-depth plan for the next stage of your life.

The Wheel of Life

Many people are not satisfied with their lives, their work, or their relationships. They have not yet blossomed into their full potential. Some are standing on the sidelines of life afraid to get into the game. Others have entered the game but are playing by someone else’s rules. Still others have achieved great “external” success through their possessions, performance, popularity or power but by sacrificing their “inner” or spiritual development.

Our belief is that you will not grow into your full potential until you look deep into yourself and come to know who you are, your unique purpose, your passions, what is most important to you. Ultimately, you will find success and fulfillment by knowing and honoring who you truly are.

It is easy to be so busy and caught up in our day-to-day lives that we rarely take the opportunity to step back and reflect upon the most important questions of life. Yet that is what Life Quest is all about. You will take stock of your past in order to clarify who you are and identify some of the most important lessons you can carry into the future. You will look deep into your heart and discover a renewed sense of your life’s purpose as well as the passions that will fuel you. You will select those principles by which you will take a stand and choose to govern yourself. You will clarify a balanced vision for the future and make a plan that will take you there.

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