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Increase ROI


The Ethridge & Associates program of Revenue Assessment and Enhancement® is a program that looks across the entire spectrum of your market experience and asks how you can organically improve revenues by:
1. Increasing market penetration organically by 20-30%
2. Add small ticket products or services that have immediate and important value to generate on the spot revenues
3. Because all industry is price sensitive it is almost impossible to raise prices but you can take the more popular and profitable market events and add small increases by encouraging people to use alternate paying plans (monthly, credit card etc.)
4. Adding value added programs or services as add-on revenue not key to the initial experience but offered as an upsale during any portion of the experience (5-7% increased revenue)
5. Reduce redundant costs and market drag (lost time getting to or entering into events or venues)
6. By training salespeople to ask “How close are we to that number?” to provide alternative cost packages

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