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Improve Your Marketing ROI

Improve Your Marketing ROI by 150-300%

Thank you for your interest in Ethridge & Associates, a strategic communication company dedicated to helping clients develop the most effective messages based on the best possible research. We have a consistent track record of producing unprecedented results for our clients, and look forward to helping you dramatically improve your communication effectiveness, based on research-proven solutions.

The first step in our process is to request an appointment for a complimentary initial phone consultation with Dr. Ethridge. We welcome your request by phone or email.

By Phone – Call our toll free number 888-384-7434. If Dr. Ethridge’s schedule permits, he will take your call immediately. If he is not available, please leave a voice mail message with the following  information so that we can contact you to set up the appointment.

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your title.
  • The name of your organization (if applicable).
  • A brief summary of your need and which of our services may interest you.
  • Your telephone number(s) where Dr. Ethridge may call you back.
  • The best time for him to call you back.
  • Your email address in case his schedule prevents him from calling at your preferred time.
  • Alternative dates and times (including your time zone) that you have available over the next two weeks to have the initial conference call appointment. (Like most professionals’ offices, such as doctors or lawyers, depending on our schedule we might be able to work your appointment in the same day that you call or we might not have an available appointment for two weeks.)

By Email – You may also complete the form below to schedule your complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Ethridge.

Dr. Ethridge or a qualified associate will contact you either by phone or by email within 24-hours to schedule your appointment. Dr. Ethridge may or may not invite other key associates in on your initial conference call.  He will need to determine if that will be beneficial based on how detailed the description of your need is.

Free Consultation

Your free, no obligation initial phone conference will last 15 to 30 minutes. We call this a consultative conference because you will receive valuable, free communication consulting on this initial call, which you can begin to use as soon as you get off the phone. This free advice on your initial call is one of many benefits that set us apart from competition.

The purposes of this no-commitment call are:

  • To listen to you describe your situation and your need (problem or opportunity)
  • To ask you consultative questions that will determine:
    • Whether there is a “fit” between your needs and our services
    • If so, to identify . . .
      • Which of our services will best meet your needs
      • What, if any, additional information we will need from you to be able to go to the next step
      • The level of retainer that you will need to invest to become a client and have us architecture your Customized Plan of Services
  • To give you an opportunity to ask us questions, and us an opportunity to answer those questions, so that you can decide whether and how soon you wish to proceed to the next step.

Marius Penczner, President, Penczner Media (Washington, D.C. Metro Area)

“From my thirty-five years of marketing jobs ranging from Procter and Gamble to Nabisco, I’ve been responsible for at least $5-million of marketing research. Ethridge is tops. His big mind, technical skills as an up-to-date analytic researcher and his refined ability to turn numbers into persuasive strategic ideas is unmatched. Steven is an exceptional researcher. He’s also a man of high work ethic and lofty personal values towards his family, his community, and towards his clients.”
Duane Birch, Birch Consulting (Tupelo, MS)
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