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Dr. Ethridge’s Rates

 One Time Consultation with Dr. Ethridge for 60 minutes: Normally $1,000, today, $500”

A One Time Consultation with Dr. Ethridge for 90 minutes: Normally $1,500, today $750

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Our Process

A Bible proverb says,“Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out” (Proverbs 20:5). That verse sums up our process with clients. We know that good advice lies deep within you — that you are the experts in your situation. What we bring to you is a perspective of understanding — based on experience in working with hundreds of clients, in hundreds of industries, on hundreds of issues, and hundreds of thousands of interviews with consumers and executives — to draw out that good advice that is within you. We also do advanced research to draw out good advice from your market and/or employees (depending on your need). So, our advice to you is really advice from whomever should be involved in your decisions — you, your market and/or your employees. To draw this advice out, we work with clients using a unique process that consists of the following steps.

  1. Call Us, Let’s talk — Your first call to us will be an opportunity for both companies to review and define more specifically what it is you are trying to accomplish. This call is your opportunity to let Ethridge & Associates help you define and crystallize what you are thinking and ultimately where you want your program to succeed. This call is FREE! Schedule a call now.
  2. Architect the Customized Plan of Services — If both sides decide to move forward it will be because we have successfully determined how we can help you and what that help will look like. Your Customized Plan of Services will be more than a typical “proposal” document, it will also be a training document that will enhance your understanding of how to increase your success, whether you invest in any more of our services or not. The fact that this is a consultative plan is another benefit that differentiates us from other firms. After we receive your agreed upon retainer payment, we will then do the following.
    • Send you a letter by email summarizing the essentials of our Free Phone Consultation along with a list of questions that we will need to have you answer in order for us to develop the Customized Plan of Services that will best meet your needs. Most clients will need to take one to two weeks to respond to as many of these questions as possible.
    • We will then set an appointment with you by email and hold another phone conference for the following purposes to:
      • Consult with you to gain any needed clarification about any of the answers to your questions
      • Present to you verbally, in summary, concept form, our ideas about your Customized Plan of Services
      • Consult with you as needed to gain your feedback and conceptual approval before we write the Customized Plan of Services
    • Develop your Customized Plan of Services. This typically takes us anywhere from 24-hours to two weeks depending on your needs
    • This Customized Plan of Services will typically include the following sections with clear statements of:
      • Success Objectives (Marketing, Communication, Training or Coaching)
      • Project Objectives (whether Research, Communication, Training, Coaching or some combination of the four)
      • Scope of Recommended Services
      • Recommended Approach/Method for Meeting the Project Objectives
      • Timeline and Deliverables (including frequency of status reports)
      • Cost Variables
      • Investment Options
      • Billing Terms
      • Standard Terms of Agreement
      • Agreement for Signature Approval
  3. Execute the Customized Plan of Service — Once you approve the Customized Plan of Services we will execute the services as planned. Throughout this process, we will give you Periodic Status Reports, daily, weekly or monthly, as needed, depending on the reporting frequency that is agreed upon in the Plan.
  4. Presentation/Review of Results — Research Projects will have a Presentation of Results with Recommendations upon completion of the study. Communication Projects will have a Presentation of Results upon completion of the campaign. Training Projects will have a Review of Training Results (e.g., test scores, evaluations) upon completion of the seminar or workshop. Coaching will have a Review of Results upon completion of the program.
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