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Ethridge and New Business Development



Throughout our thirty plus years we have worked in a myriad of different industries and consulted or built programming for virtually every level and culture of the American business landscape. We have so much to offer and talk about and look forward to speaking with you about how we may be able to find new revenue opportunities, develop contractual partnerships, reduce costs and so much more. On top of everything listed on the Home Page, we have also worked in :


Retail Chains / Department Stores / Restaurants

Since 1981, Ethridge has conducted marketing research for a wide range of retail chains as well as local independent retail operations. Our retail experience includes chains of department stores, discount stores, shoe stores, grocery stores, jewelry stores, full-service restaurants, fast-food restaurants, deli restaurants, tire stores, furniture stores and storage facilities. More

Law Firms / Attorneys

As communication consultants and researchers, one of the most interesting types of work that we have done has been for law firms. Although we are not lawyers, as communication experts, we do understand how to do audience analysis to construct winning arguments. For this reason, we have significant experience in offering three types of communication research and consulting services to attorneys: mock jury trials, public opinion research when admissible as evidence in legal cases and expert witness testimony on the validity and quality of public opinion research used in legal cases. More

Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Agencies, Publicity Agencies

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has more than 30 years of experience working with hundreds of advertising, public relations and publicity agencies, large and small, across the nation to help them develop the most powerfully persuasive campaigns possible and then to measure the effectiveness of those campaigns. We have extensive experience in consulting with account executives and creative directors in designing and applying marketing and communication research to the development of very creative and effective campaigns. More

Government / Quasi-Government Services / Utilities

Since our company’s founding in 1993, Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has conducted research and communication consulting for numerous state, county and city governments as well as quasi-government center city commissions, convention and visitors bureaus, and both government owned and publicly held utility company clients. We have helped such clients successfully manage public policy issues, as well as improve their state economic development, state tourism development, state prison systems, city downtown development, city image, community centers, transportation services, sanitation services, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. More

Individuals / Executives / Job Changers / Graduates

For our Executive Coaching and Life Coaching services, we serve individuals who are ready to discover their individual personality, preferences, principles, passions and purpose and build an individual Life Plan. More


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