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Employee Surveys

Description of Our Employee Surveys

The most successful companies are ones that develop and maintain strong corporate cultures through effective employee communication. As a communication and research consultant, Steven C. Ethridge has over 30 years of experience in conducting employee surveys on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Commitment Surveys
  • Corporate / Organizational Cultural Assessments
  • Leadership Surveys
  • Sales Competency Surveys
  • Employee Attitude Surveys
  • Corporate Training Effectiveness Surveys
  • Employee Selection Surveys

Unique Features of Our Employee Surveys

We offer three unique benefits in the area of employee surveys.

  • Systematic Approaches — First, most companies that do employee surveys use “canned” survey questionnaires (templates) and reports. Such canned surveys always miss the special dynamics of an organization’s unique situation and culture. Instead of a canned approach, what organizations need is a systematic approach. By that, we mean one that uses proven questions and methods developed over years of experience, but customizes them to each individual client’s unique situation and need. This is what we offer: proven, systematic methods customized for you.
  • Strategic Planning Experience — Second, the experience of most companies that do employee surveys is limited to one organizational discipline or function, usually human resources or organizational communication. By comparison, our strategic planning experience spans the full range of business disciplines, including human resources, marketing, communication, finances and operations (see About Us.) This means that we know how to design and apply employee surveys that lead to strategies and tactics that will positively affect the financial “bottom line.”
    Superior Motivational Methods — Third, using our proprietary Right Brain Research® uncovers the real motivations and our Motivational Linguistics Analysis,® uncovers the correct language to use when communicating training and performance expectations, to maximize employee satisfaction, commitment and performance.

Key Benefit Deliverables from Our Employee Surveys

Each of our Employee Surveys flows through the following processes, each of which delivers its own benefit, but together provides synergistic benefits.

  1. Needs Assessment Consulting
  2. Custom Research Design and Administration Using Proven Systematic Approaches
  3. Survey Analysis and Interpretation with Recommendations
  4. Newsletter Article Writing to Appropriately Communicate Survey Results to Employees

An Example of Why Our Custom-Design Employee Surveys Works Best

A hotel chain began offering a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” to retain customers and build a competitive advantage. Employee surveys showed that hotel owners, managers, and employees resisted the Guarantee because they thought the intention was to give money back as the means of satisfying customers. This was a communication issue — an issue of managing meaning. The real intention of the guarantee was to encourage customers to let hotel employees know if something was unsatisfactory about their stay, so that the hotel could “fix” the problem for that customer and the next, and to give money back only as a last resort if the problem could not otherwise be resolved.

Additionally, consumer research showed that customers psychologically did not want to be perceived as asking for their money back, they just wanted a fair value for their money. So, the guarantee was not working as intended.

Once corporate management understood this mismanaged meaning of the Guarantee, they implemented a training program to teach hotel employees to initiate conversations with customers that would surface problems to be resolved (e.g., “Is everything okay with your room?). They also developed training to hotel owners and managers about the true meaning of the Guarantee (to surface problems to be resolved).

As a result, the hotel owners, managers and employees became committed to the guarantee, customers developed brand loyalty, only 1 tenth of 1 percent of customers evoked the money back guarantee, the hotel chain quickly grew to be one of the most popular in the world, and the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee became an hotel industry standard.

No canned Employee Survey template could ever help achieve such results. The best, most actionable employee surveys are custom designed to each organization’s unique situation and need.

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