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Ethridge & Associates Certified and Experience Consultants

The Ethridge Guarantee

“Every client for 35 years that has followed our advice has remarkably increased their return on investment – without exception.”
Steven Ethridge, Founder of Ethridge & Associates, LLC.

We have worked on over 400 company programs in virtually every profit and non-profit company format and political level to influence and re-direct the efforts and outcomes of numerous campaigns and specific company needs. As consultants our hands-on approach to refining every detail to insure a positive outcome has given us the confidence to promise the clients who retain our services that we will not only succeed at what you contract us to do, but we guarantee it!

Guarantee Applies if:

You, the client, do everything that we recommend that you do —  exactly as we recommend that you do it. Of course, we are sure that you understand: if you don’t do exactly what we recommend, then it is not our recommendation that you have implemented; thus, no guarantee would make sense.

Consulting is sort of common denominator throughout industry which basically allows us participate in your company programming on a variety of levels on an “as needed” basis. In this capacity we can help companies, churches and political campaigns with a litany of needs and programs. Look under “Services” to see where we can help you. If you don’t see your specific need please complete the “Free Quote” form to allow us to review your unique situation and respond – within 24 hours!

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