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shutterstock_8909440Combining written, oral, visual and data based information, Ethridge is certified and experienced in creating fluid communication plans for any market or company culture. Communications is a variable discipline that may stand alone in one category such as the written word, or it may encompass a variety of methods to deliver either a singular message or a compound body of work over a vast network of digital interfaces. Either way the purpose is to tie together the company’s overriding message and deliver it to a diverse audience base in a multitude of formats while being both exciting and relevant.

Company’s often struggle to write a succinct message that embodies not only what they want their buying audience to hear, but one that remains consistent to what they want their employees to support. Communicating across a dissimilar receptive base offers a unique challenge to the person or committee writing this message. Where on one hand it must be very specific in how it is perceived, it must also be open to interpretation for others. The challenges that face the corporate communicator today are often complicated by the many different variables and vehicles in which the messages will be delivered and received.

Today we convey messages in more than merely the written word. Websites often use pictures to excite broader thoughts and concepts by using less language and prompting the viewer’s imagination. But to say what you want to convey and to use it in pictures or abbreviated subject lines while remaining properly structured in order to read effortlessly is a skill unto itself. Not only does today’s communicator have to consider how they will deliver their message on the website but the person(s) creating the information must consider Social Media, Mobile Interfaces, email, marketing, newsletters, blogs and a myriad of other devices that we know of today and are beginning to become more acceptable for tomorrow.

shutterstock_76493563Ethridge & Associates not only has the credentials for just such a mission but their fervent pace to keep up with current media formats and evolving forms of message delivery make them rare in the industry. So many companies today struggle just to keep pace with the rapidly expanding forums for communicating they often lack the formal education in basic message composition. With Ethridge & Associates you get that deep background in written construction but you get a company and more uniquely a person in Steven Ethridge who is devoted to finding new and interesting ways to merge the proven and powerful structure of creating a properly composed written word, but you get someone who knows how to convert that education into the many different forms of communicating companies use to communicate to their clients and employees today.

We can help you create an internal document, write a marketing piece, prepare a video, develop your Social Media by outlining your position on company policy or communicate new ideas into new formats for your buyer or your company. Whatever it is you want to say and however you envision saying it, Steven Ethridge of Ethridge & Associates has the education, skill and understanding to convert your ideas into a productive and successful form of communication for today’s complex digital world.

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