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Business & Executive Coaching

Our evolution into business and individual coaching has been a natural progression of our communication consulting business as we recognized that we had already been coaching our clients for many years. For nearly three decades we have:

Coached senior-level corporate executives how to develop, plan and implement highly effective external marketing and internal communication campaigns
Coached aspiring political candidates to help them better understand their motivations for running, decide whether to run for office, and if so, help them develop and deliver their winning campaign message
Coached executives in how to recruit, select, hire, develop and manage employees who best fit their organization’s culture and needs, to achieve high performance results
Coached individuals and helped “groomed” to climb the corporate ladder of success
Coached individuals in developing their own personal strategic life/career plan that will provide them with a healthy balance between career, family and other areas of life
Business coaching, executive coaching, and individual life coaching all apply our core competencies of research, diagnosis, training, and communication development to help organizations and individuals maximize their communication effectiveness and succeed.

We have developed a set of coaching curriculum, tools and methods that will enable organizations and individuals to be more successful. Our coaching methods have helped:

For-profit businesses achieve profitable growth
Non-profit organizations achieve fundraising stability
Individuals start and run successful businesses
Individuals change to more satisfying and rewarding careers
Individuals make life-improving changes such as getting out of debt, losing weight, de-cluttering their home environment, and improving family relationships
Coaching helps organizations and individuals clarify their vision, overcome obstacles, change self-defeating beliefs and habits, build trust and goodwill with others, turn business around, and do whatever is required to achieve extraordinary results. Coaching is designed to engage clients in a deep and honest exploration of their goals and the actions required to accomplish them; then help them stay on track toward achieving those goals.

Today, adding new certifications and our vast experience we bring an entirely new level of training both professionally and personally. More than ever before corporations and individuals are looking for a way to extract themselves from the mass direction and individualize themselves in their personal and corporate walk. It’s become something of a necessity that we find our own direction hidden within ourselves and learn to develop how that movement, thinking and feeling as we insert ourselves into every day work and family environments.

To do this we need more than someone who holds themselves out as  something of a coach and look for people who are not only trained and certified but maintain within themselves the discipline that makes them unique and singular in their own walk. We want to find someone who can help us develop that inner peace and confidence that will allow us to become the best we can be and to achieve that internal peace and confidence that defines us.

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