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Church Surveys and Ministry Surveys

Description of Our Church Surveys and Ministry Surveys

Our company founder, Dr. Steven Ethridge has a Ph.D. in Christian Ministries, a Master of Divinity in Interdisciplinary Studies (including Pastoral Ministries), a Master of Arts in Communication and, over 24 years of church “lay ministry” and missions experience, having been ordained to ministry in three different churches over that time. Additionally, he has over 30 years of marketing, public opinion and sociological research experience in ministry, business, communication, and organizational development.

Unique Features of Church Surveys and Ministry Surveys

The special combination of experience described above uniquely qualifies Dr. Ethridge to conduct survey research for your church or missions ministry. We provide custom-designed church surveys and ministry surveys of the following types.

Congregational Surveys

  • Congregational Profile — Each congregational survey is customer-designed to the church’s specific needs. Generally speaking, these are quick “reality checks” to make sure that the church leadership’s perceptions of the congregation match with the reality of the congregation. This type of survey profiles the congregation in terms of . . .
    • Who attends (demographic profiles of people groups)
    • What they attend (specific services, programs, missions projects)
    • When they attend and why (days of week, morning/evening Sunday services)
    • Why they attend (worship, instruction, fellowship and outreach)
    • Ministry activities that they are involved in and motivations for being involved
    • Hindrances to being involved in church ministries
    • Worship style preferences
    • Bible knowledge
    • Spiritual habits (e.g., Bible reading/study, prayer, worship outside of church)
    • Felt needs for ministry
    • Spiritual gifts
    • Callings/desires for ministry involvement
    • Awareness of the church’s vision/mission/ministry strategy
    • Satisfaction with and commitment to the church
  • Church Health Assessment — This is a congregational survey developed based on biblical characteristics of a healthy church that assesses the health of your church and provides recommendations for how to improve the health of your church.
  • Church Exit Surveys — Unfortunately, people do leave churches for various reasons and, even more unfortunately, pastors take it upon themselves to do Exit Surveys when people leave. The problem is, human nature being what it is, people generally will not be completely candid with the pastor about their reasons for leaving. Thus, pastors, staff, elders or deacons are the exact wrong people to conduct Exit Interviews. We work with pastors to develop a customized, conversational interviewing guide, for your approval, and then we objectively interview people soon after they leave to find out the real reasons why they leave and to recommend ways of avoiding further departures.
  • Assimilation Readiness Surveys — Research shows that growing a church by more than 15% a year creates significant assimilation problems (e.g., appropriately absorbing people through supportive, healthy relationships; placing people into meaningful ministries; developing and evaluating the development of newcomers quickly). To help churches avoid assimilation problems we assess your church’s culture and readiness to assimilate new people and make recommendations about how to prepare your congregational members for church growth.
  • Change Communication Strategies Survey — Research has also shown that the time when people are most likely to leave the church is when a new senior pastor arrives or when other major changes like a building program occur. Experience has shown that there are communication strategies that can minimize loss and increase commitment of congregants during these and other times of change. This type of study assesses which of those communication strategies will work best in your church and makes recommendations about communication strategies to minimize loss and maximize commitment.
  • Capital Campaign Fundraising Survey — This is an assessment of the giving potential and predisposition within your congregation and community for the purpose of planning and implementing successful major capital campaigns.

Leadership Assessment and Development

  • Leadership Assessments — Custom designed leadership surveys to assess individual leader or prospective leader’s readiness to lead. This instrument assesses an individual’s spiritual maturity, Bible knowledge, leadership knowledge, skills and paradigms, motivations and limitations to be a leader in a church or other ministry.
  • Church Facilitated Mentor-Protégé Matching Survey — To help churches follow the Great Commission to “make disciples,” this survey identifies mature individuals who have special gifts, talents, skills and experience to offer as a disciple-maker (mentor) and people that have specific needs, interests and motivations to be a disciple (protégé) and matches them together with a specific growth plan for the protégé. An output of the survey is a tool for facilitating the mentor and the protégé in developing a mutually agreeable work plan to grow the protégé to equip, encourage, prepare, and promote the protégé into ministry roles within the church. This service also includes a Weekend Seminar titled A Biblical Disciple-Making Strategy for Equipping Believers for Service: A Plan for Developing A Church-Based, Facilitated Mentoring Ministry.

Community Surveys

  • Community Surveys — A research study that provides a realistic perspective on the community the church wishes to serve, in terms of their attitudes toward church, religious beliefs, the decision process they go through in selecting a church, what media they attend to and more.
  • Media Behavior Survey — A survey designed to help churches determine which media will be most effective to use for outreach in the community.
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