Case Study: Retail – Regional vs National Department Store

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Case Study: Retail – Regional vs National Department Store

Case 2: Strengthening a Regional Department Store Chain’s Brand Position Against National Chain Competitors

Before Hiring Ethridge

A 100+ year-old, successful, family-owned, regional department store chain was concerned about the entry of several national department store brands that were entering their market. They wanted to make sure that their brand was well positioned against these new competitive threats, as well as what their product mix should be, and how well their advertising and merchandising was working. The store’s owners hired Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. to help them determined how the brand was positioned relative to competition and what to do about it to increase business.

After Hiring Ethridge

We conducted our proprietary Marketing Opportunity Analysis among their demographic target market segment in their geographic market area. We discovered that the brand’s unique competitive advantage had to do with better understanding the regional, cultural purchase preferences — an advantage with which no national chain could compete. We also helped them clarify those cultural preferences and better align their product mix, merchandising, media mix and sales strategies with market preferences. As well, we helped them identify their Best Prospect segment for increasing business, as well as which media to use effectively and efficiently reach that target. As a result, this department store chain was able to improve their product mix, marketing message, media mix and sales effectiveness; thus, maintain and grow their market share in the face of stiff national competitors with strong branding campaigns.

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