Case Study: Non-Profits – Mount Vernon

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Case Study: Non-Profits – Mount Vernon

Case 2: George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

Before Hiring Ethridge

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens had hired SCA to help them develop a specialized fundraising campaign. SCA turned to Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. again for strategic communication consulting and research to help them craft a fundraising message.

After Hiring Ethridge

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. conducted a Donor Motivational Research using our proprietary Motivational Linguistics Analysis®. Using these powerful research methodologies, we discovered the right strategic message, themes, key words, key phrases, visual symbols and spokespersons to use in a video direct mail fundraising campaign to raise money. As a direct result of our research and consulting, Mount Vernon broke 150 year records in their fundraising, as testified to below.

“Steve Ethridge’s firm understands how to get inside the hearts and minds of the donor audience to discover what to say to motivate them. Due to his innovative linguistics analysis, we were able to implement winning campaign messages that significantly strengthened our case of support for national clients. In fact, in the case of Mount Vernon he helped us to see [that] the visual imagery used for marketing President George Washington needed to change and the language had to better capture the fondness American’s felt toward our first President. As a result, we broke 150-year fundraising records and saw contributions over $1.0 million through the mail. To locate a vendor like Ethridge & Associates has been a great find.”Stephen Clouse, President, Stephen Clouse & Associates, Washington, D.C.

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