Case Study: Law – Expert Witness

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Case Study: Law – Expert Witness

Case 4: A Poll and Expert Witness on Stereotypes as Context for a Legal Case

Before Hiring Ethridge

A legal firm had a case for which polling was admissible as evidence in courtroom testimony. The issue had to do with a question of whether someone with a certain type of background would be perceived in a particular stereotypical way among a certain population segment. The law firm hired Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. to measure the extent to which certain segments of the population held particular stereotypical opinions.

After Hiring Ethridge

We consulted with the law firm to develop the questionnaire and then conducted a scientific telephone sample survey of the target audience. The results showed a clear majority of the population held stereotypical opinions as hypothesized. Steven C. Ethridge served as an expert witness on the stand to present the results of the poll before the judge and the jury. The poll was well received as valid evidence in the case.

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