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Case Studies/Client Reviews

Case Studies/Client Reviews

Most of Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.’s business comes through repeat business and referrals, because we produce unprecedented results for our clients. Having spent much of his career in fast-paced, results-oriented businesses and political campaigns, where performance is measured by growth and winning over competition, Steven Ethridge knows how to help you achieve results. The following are representative selected case studies of how we have helped our clients achieve significant results.

Below is a sampling of the work we’ve done over our 30 year plus history. These are broken out into easier to navigate subsections that will identify just a few of the many different kinds of companies and industries in which we have had not only success, but ongoing successes in a variety of different operations throughout both overall industry and various challenges within specific industries.


Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Agencies, Publicity Agencies

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has over 30 years of experience helping advertising, public relations and publicity agencies create powerfully persuasive campaigns that motivate their client’s markets to do more business with their clients. We have served agencies  from some of the largest in the nation to the one-person agencies.  We have worked with agencies in most every state and can provide dozens of cases studies about how our agency clients  used our services to help them dramatically improve their client’s marketing effectiveness. We have chosen three case studies that are representative of our work with agencies.

Case Study 1: The U.S. Army National Guard Recruiting Department

Case Study 2: Tennessee Department of Tourism Development Results

Case Study 3: Tunica, Mississippi Convention and Visitors Bureau Results

Individuals / Executives / Job Changers / Graduates

Below are brief success stories about how the Life Quest retreat has changed people’s lives for the better.

 Case Study 1: A More Satisfying Career

 Case Study 2: Starting a New Business


Financial Services (Banks, Credit Unions, Investment Banks)

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. (Ethridge) has over 30 years of experience in marketing, communication, research and strategic business planning for financial institutions of all types: banks, trust companies, credit unions, investment banking firms, overnight check clearing services, insurance agencies, and check cashing firms. Ethridge has served financial institutions in every state in the U.S., ranging in size from the largest national banks to the smallest start-ups. With our veteran experience in financial services, we could pick from hundreds of financial institutions to illustrate examples of our results. However, we have chosen just three that are representative of our typical work in this area.

Case 1: Improving a Bank’s Profitability Through Strategic Brand Positioning

Case 2: Growing By Getting Competitor’s Customers to Switch Accounts to the Bank

Case 3: Increasing Deposits, Lowering the Cost of Funds, and Taking Customers Away from Competitors by Developing a New Financial Services Product

Government, Quasi Government, Utilities

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. (Ethridge) has over 30 years of experience in marketing, communication, research and strategic planning for a wide variety of state, county and city governments, quasi-government center city commissions, convention and visitors bureaus and government owned and publicly held utility company clients. We have helped clients successfully manage public policy issues,  improve their state economic development, state tourism development, state prison systems, city downtown development, city image, community centers, transportation services, sanitation services, customer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability.

Case 1: Sustainable Shelby — A Sustainable “Smart Growth” Program for a Creating a Community That Is More Livable, More Competitive and More Successful

Case 2: Chattanooga — Repositioning a City for Economic Growth

Case Study 3: Tunica, Mississippi Convention and Visitors Bureau Results


Health Care Services

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has more than 30 years of experience in marketing, communication and public opinion research for health care organizations of all types. We have served clients in the health care industry in the states of Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina. While we could present dozens of case studies to represent our work in this industry, we have chosen three, as described below.

Case 1: LeBonheur Children’s Hospital Fundraising Strategy

Case 2: Overcoming a “Not in My Back Yard” Attitude to Build a New Hospital

Case 3: NOT Following Ethridge’s Advice Results in a Marketing Misfire


Law Firms / Attorneys

Case 1: Settling a Name Infringement Legal Case

Case 2: Settling a Defamation of Character Case

Case 3: Winning a Mock Jury Trial

Case 4: A Poll and Expert Witness on Stereotypes as Context for a Legal Case


Major Brands / Corporations

While Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. (Ethridge) has helped dozens of major corporations, both national and international, improve the external marketing and internal employee communication, we have selected the following case studies as illustrative of our work in these areas.

Case 1: Hotel Brand Positioning (An External Marketing Example)

Case 2: A National Heavy Construction Equipment Company (An Internal Employee Communication Example)


News Media/Publishing

Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. has major credibility with the media at the federal, state and local levels. Our polls and expert opinions have been reported in The New York Times, USA Today, The L.A. Times, The Polling Report, Real Clear Politics, Bill Hobbs Report and many other publications. Moreover, our firm has served as pollster for the Memphis, TN areas largest regional paper, The Commercial Appeal, since 1995 and has served as a political analyst for the Memphis area’s TV News Channel 3 as far back as 1991. Steven C. Ethridge is recognized, particularly in Memphis and the Mid-South, as being one of the fastest, most accurate, objective, reliable, ethical and effective public opinion pollsters in the business (see our Testimonials.)

Our polls for political campaigns and non-profit 501c3 organizations have appeared in numerous newspapers, while our economic and sociological studies done for government clients have appeared both in the news and in numerous city planning documents.

For a sample list of our polls and other studies in the news, please click on our press page. Below is a case study of one of our recent political polls for The Commercial Appeal. This is followed by a case study of how we helped improve a magazine publication.

Case 1: Understanding Social Trends

Case 2: Tracking Political Campaigns

Case 3: Enhancing the Success of Publications


Non-Profits / Ministries / Churches / Schools / Foundations / Associations / 501c3s

Case 1: Young America’s Foundation/Reagan Ranch

Case 2: George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

Case 3: Citizens for Community Values


Retail Chains/Department Stores/Restaurants

Having more than 30 years experience in marketing, consulting and research with different types of retail business, we could have selected dozens of success stories as case studies. However, we have selected the following three case studies as being representative of our work in retail.

Case 1: Repositioning a Neighborhood Grocery Store Chain

Case 2: Strengthening a Regional Department Store Chain’s Brand Position Against National Chain Competitors

Case 3: Improving an Up-Scale Jewelry Store’s Sales Effectiveness

Political Candidates & Campaigns

With 28 years of strategic polling and campaign consulting experience at the federal, state and local levels, Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C. is well known, particularly in Memphis and the Mid-South, as one of the fastest, most accurate, objective, reliable, ethical and effective public opinion pollsters and strategists in the business (see our Testimonials). Ethridge has unparalleled credibility in local and regional media, having served as pollster for the Mid-South Region’s largest newspaper, The Commercial Appeal and TV News Channel 3 in Memphis intermittently over nearly two decades. For political campaigns, we provide telephone surveys using both live and automated (IVR) interviews, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and audience response analysis.

  • Ethridge has polled for dozens of political campaigns and at all levels, including candidates for U.S. President, Senate and Congress, and local level candidates for Mayor, City Council, County Commission and Sheriff.
  • Ethridge has national media credibility, having been quoted and published in numerous national media including the New York Times, the L.A. Times, USA Today, The Polling Report, the D.C. Spectator, Real Clear Politics, the Bill Hobbs Report and many others.
  • Ethridge is widely recognized as one of the most accurate political pollsters in America (see our Testimonials page)
  • Ethridge is widely recognized as the first pollster in America to foresee that former liberal Democratic Senator and Budget Finance Committee Chairman Jim Sasser could be defeated. He foresaw this possibility in early 1993, nearly two years before any other pollster did and two years before Sasser was ultimately defeated by Bill Frist (click here for documentation).
  • Many of Ethridge’s political campaign clients have been outspent by their opponents 2 or 3 to 1 and still won because of Ethridge’s expertise in developing and managing winning campaign messages.
  • Representative Republican clients include U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick in NC’s 9th Congressional District; former U.S. Congressman Ed Bryant in Tennessee’s 7th District; former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist; and U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander in his last bid for President.

We could pull from dozens of our political case studies to demonstrate our work in this area; however, we have chosen three of our favorites and presented these below.

Case 1: Being Outspent 2 to 1 and Still Winning a Governor’s Race

Case 2: An Upset Victory Against an Entrenched Opponent Who Outspent Us 2 to 1

Case 3: Focusing the Campaign Agenda on the Winning Message


Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment Industry

Many of our greatest successes in creating unprecedented increases in Marketing/Communication Return on Investment have been in the travel/tourism/hospitality and entertainment industries. This is due to Ethridge’s extensive experience in corporate marketing in general, plus his executive marketing experience in the hotel industry before starting our firm (for his bio clickhere). Since founding our firm in 1993, our clients have included national hotel brands, state tourism departments, city tourism departments, convention and visitors bureaus, various types of entertainment companies, amusement parks, and a charter airline company.

Case Study 1: Tennessee Department of Tourism Development Results

Case Study 2: Chattanooga — Repositioning a City for Economic Growth

Case Study 3: Tunica, Mississippi Convention and Visitors Bureau Results

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